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GML Apeti pills only contain Cyproheptadine and no Lysine, unlike Apetamin. They will enhance your appetite and allow you to eat bigger meals if taken alone. Drowsiness and somnolence are common side effects of these pills.

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Weight is a significant characteristic that humans always succumb to. Weight loss and weight gain are continuous events every men and woman go through or went through. And when someone plans to do one of these things, he knows how hard it is. Weight loss and weight gain both are equally hard and painful yet the results are fruitful when you reach the target.

Apetamin Pill is an impressive method that helps with weight gain. Though this medicine itself does not increase the weight of a person, it stimulates the body to adapt that way. Let me describe it through an analogy. If you compare it to a stage drama, the performance and actors would be successful only because there is a crew working behind the scene. And in this case, Apetamin is the crew behind the scene.

GML Apeti Pill works to help one gain more appetite so that the person would eat more than before thus increasing weight. Research says many women prefer Apetamin pills because of their efficiency and safety for a successful weight gain.

What makes Apetamin efficient?

This vitamin supplement aids in the weight growth of underweight individuals. TIL Healthcare PVT is the manufacturer and developer who created this weight gain pill. It is Indian pharmaceutical healthcare that provides Apetamin pills. Apart from Apetamin Pills, this manufacturer also has quite a number of appetite stimulants having cyproheptadine hydrochloride as an active ingredient.

According to TIL Healthcare, the pills include a combination of a prescription-only medication known as cyproheptadine hydrochloride, vitamins, and amino acids, among other ingredients. Since it is made with prescription-only medications, there are no chances of faulty effects. Moreover, these ingredients are FDA approved, though FDA did not say anything about these being used in making Apetamin.

According to the manufacturer, the combination of lysin, vitamins, and cyproheptadine hydrochloride acts as an appetite stimulant to increase the amount of food you can take in one day. Though there are certain vitamins proven to have increased hunger, the act of amino acid in human organisms still has not been discovered.

How do Apetamin Pills work?

Cyproheptadine hydrochloride is the main reason why one gains weight and it is the main active ingredient of Apetamin Pill. It is said to be one of the most powerful antihistamines prescribed for allergy treatments. Adults who have chronic diseases that make loss weight such as cystic fibrosis, and underweight infants have shown significant growth in weight because of this antihistamine.

Though there are lots of proof showing promising results, researchers still could not get a clear explanation as to why cyproheptadine hydrochloride causes an increase in hunger. 

Amino acid l-lysine is another ingredient of Apetamin pills that is related to hunger and weight gain. But there is no further information just like cyproheptadine hydrochloride about how these two work to stimulate the appetite.

GML Apeti

Apetamin contains a strong antihistamine used in allergy treatments, cyproheptadine hydrochloride, and the amino acid l-lysine. Cyproheptadine hydrochloride has the undeniable effects of increasing appetite which causes weight gain in people who take it. 

Even without knowing the functionality it has, the fact that it increases weight is an undeniable fact. Though this fact is still in the haze and no clear study of how this pill actually increases appetite, a few things have advanced.

For instance, cyproheptadine hydrochloride is known to increase levels of growth factors like insulin in underweight or malnourished children. The hormone it stimulates is development factor-1 (IFG-1) which is associated with increased hunger among malnourished infants. 

Moreover, it seems to evoke an effect on the hypothalamus. This small part of the brain is in charge of humans’ daily activities that regulate appetite, food intake, and hormones, as well as a range of other physiological processes. 

On the other hand, the amino acid l-lysine has been proven to be connected with an increase in appetite according to animal studies. The study has proved the ability of this amino acid, though it is not proven in human cases.

Benefits of GML Apeti

Of course, the benefits of Apetamin pills circle around weight gain and body structure. Since we have explained in-details about Apetamin Pills, let’s see into the benefits of this supplement.

Healthy Body ratio

The best privilege of the weight gain journey is that you don’t have to worry about your muscles being lost. People on a weight loss journey always have to worry about not losing their muscles while dieting and exercising of all sorts. That’s why you will get to have a good body structure during this journey.

Gaining a good muscular ratio requires a whole lot of calories and energy which you will get through increased weight. Since Apetamin helps with increased appetite, it acts as a source of good fats for your body. All this allows your body to develop a more enhanced and healthier muscular ratio as a result.

Increased Energy

Weight gain is a great way to store calories thus increasing the amount of energy in your body. The more you eat, the more calories will burn and thus more energy will be circulated.

Body improvement

Nothing is better than having a healthy body. Excessive weight and underweight, both are crucial and have lots of downsides people have to encounter. For example, there are many overweight women who cannot conceive and doctors always advise them to lose a certain amount of weight to get pregnant. 

The same thing happens with most underweight women as well. Our body is certainly a mystery that humans are discovering little by little. Everything has an ideal ordeal to happen. Weight gaining will certainly increase the chances of women to be able to get pregnant.

GML Apeti Side effects

The following two are the main side effects you may get after consuming GML Apeti tablets. However, there are some other things like rash, impaired vision, excessive weight gain, and trouble peeing. For rash, BIO oil or any Antimicrobial Healing Cream will do. And as for other ones, Floradix Liquid Iron will help.


Since this tablet overthrows the nervous system to stimulate its way, some people may feel fatigued and sleepy. It will interfere with your sleep pattern making your everyday routine a mess. If you have work, taking it during weekends will be the best so as not to infer your work routine.


Well, this is the reason why one starts consuming Apetamin pills. This will be a big challenge as you will have a larger palate than you had in the past. So adjusting to the new palate will take some time. In fact, all these side effects are temporary until you are accustomed to this new medication.

Is Apetamin Safe for Everyone to Consume?

The straight answer is no. People’s bodies vary and not everyone can consume this pill. And that includes:

  • Pregnant Women and those who are in nursing
  • Anyone who is allergic to cyproheptadine or any other comparable medication
  • If you are in a residence where the weather is typically hot
  • Who consumes alcohol, in short, an alcoholic
  • Children under the age of two

Is Apetamin Safe for Men?

Absolutely, without question. Apetamin pills are just weight gain pills not only for women to consume but also for men.

It is completely safe for both men and children, though it will not cause your body to develop in the way that girls in pictures do. In reality, it is not a product that will increase the size of your hips or boobs. Rather, it increases the appetite and eating will make you gain weight in every part of your body. So if any shop makes such a claim, it would be an obvious fraud.

Things to keep in mind before starting Apetamin pills

Since this is a huge step that concerns your body and health, make sure to keep these things in mind and consider them before you start taking Apetamin Pills. Though the majority of consumers seemed to have a great experience with no negative consequences, you should still double-check.

  • Apetamin interferes with your natural body activities which leads you to gain weight quickly. The more frequently you take it, they will increase your eating habits and allow you to consume larger meals. More than you always had in your palate.
  • Ask yourself if you’re mentally ready to begin taking this prescription. A sudden weight increase or decrease can have a significant impact on your body and mind as well.
  • Cyproheptadine, the active element of Apetamin can be fatal if used with alcohol, during pregnancy, or with certain drugs.
  • Always examine the product’s legality as well as consumer feedback when buying it, taking into account their medical problems

Where to Buy Apetamin Pills?

Apetamin Pills are available on many websites on the internet you can see. When it refers to Apetamin wholesale, it appears that consumers are frequently exposed to a variety of fake websites. Being tricked with fake medicine may seriously damage your body.

That’s why before selecting a seller, it is important to thoroughly check the authenticity and reputation of the source, as well as the components of the medicines in question.

Always choose the most competitive pricing available based on consumer feedback. Prices are not quite the same for each buying website because they vary depending on the country in which they are offered. The legitimacy and availability of the products are always going to be the most crucial thing to consider when making a purchase.

Is Apetamin legal?

Apetamin Pills are made of ingredients approved by FDA. Even though this pill itself for weight gain purposes is yet to inspect, it is legal only if your doctor tells you to. Because its’ element Cyproheptadine is a crucial medicine that should not be consumed unless your physician says to.

That’s why Apetamin is not legal for everyone to access.

Should You Stop the Use of Apetamin?

In case of some excess side-effects, or problems, you should stop taking Apetamin. Severe side effects can cause your health to deteriorate rather than help. Side effects are mild and should last only until you get used to the pill. However, if this continues, stop consuming it and consult a doctor.

Also, if you are reaching the ideal weight you have in mind, stop gradually rather than suddenly. Your body must have been accustomed to it and the system may have a huge effect if suddenly it does not get the pill. While withdrawing, reduce the medications or the days to gradually end this.

Apetamin Syrup vs Pills, Which Is Better?

Between the syrup and tablets, there isn’t much of a difference since both are intended to increase one’s appetite anyway. However, the liquid form of syrup acts more swiftly than a tablet since liquids are absorbed more rapidly than solids. The tablet has to be melted in order to mix up with body fluid which takes a longer time than the syrup.

Gain weight without Apetamin

If you don’t want to resort to Apetamin or just any medications, it still is okay. There are people who are in their weight-gaining journey without any help from medications. The only difference is supplements help gain weight fast and easily.

To gain weight without Apetaming-

Increase the daily intake of food

Calories and energy are needed for weight gain which only comes from food. Increasing the food intake is not easy. Don’t be like any amateur by increasing too much suddenly. Rather, gradually process it. Since your body is used to taking a certain amount of intake, having a lot more suddenly will definitely take a toll on your body.

Gradually increase it, for example, if you used to take 3 meals a day, make it four or just increase the amount on those 3 little by little. Also, taking a protein shake or energy drink will keep you from draining away.

Manage a plan

Increasing the food intake aka calorie intake is a huge step for most underweight people. The low appetite is the main reason here. Increase your calorie intake day by day and keep following a plan. Keep a weight machine and check your weight from time to time and note it down to see the difference. It will both help you track your journey and cheer you up.


In conclusion, GML Apetamin pills have been shown to promote weight gain. If you are looking for a safe way for you or to help someone who is not getting enough calories or protein due to an illness or other condition that limits food intake, consider using this appetite stimulant medication before considering invasive procedures like stomach stapling surgery. It may be worth it!

If you can’t find these Apetamin pills, simply type GML apeti pills near me into the Google search bar, and it will show you all of the nearest stores where you can buy them.

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